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The telephone.  Mailings. Rent.  Everything we do at RARTL costs money, even though we are a volunteer organization and our many fingers do a lot of work. (Look at all our accomplishments to see what all those fingers have managed!)  So if you can help with a donation, that would be great.

But money is not the only thing.  You can help by working to educate yourself and those around you on pro-life issues.  Use us for your personal and family education needs.  Make yourself knowledgeable on the issues.  We've got a lot of brochures and books. Does a child in the family need pro-life materials for a school paper?  How about  pro-life  bumper stickers  for your car? We have lots.  Also Precious Feet, as a little gift for someone else who cares.  Can you get us an invitation to bring our pro-life booth to your church?

And then there's your time: yours can be among the many fingers that make the best possible use of every penny we get.  Come join us.

Do you want to help at the office? Are you interested in legislative activity?  Check the Action Alerts - there's work for your pen or typewriter. Like to write?  Would you like to write some news summaries for this website?  Give us a call at the office or e-mail us and let's think about what you might want to do.

How You Can Help

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