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LIFE Runners at the 5K

 There are different ways to promote pro-life thinking.  Some people give speeches.  Others make music or draw pictures.  And some people run.

The George Eastman House Photo Finish 5K saw some pro-life visibility Saturday, September 27, when a three-person team from the Finger Lakes NY Life Runners showed up. This particular 5K encourages participants to raise money for the charity of their choice.   The LIFE Runners, pictured below, wore shirts that said “LIFE Runners” and their chosen charity was Rochester Area Right to Life.


·  Congratulations to Debbie Liana!  She came in number 1 among the women with a 6:25 (minutes:seconds) /mile average.

·  Ted Thull was number 5 overall, out of 1,201 finishers, with a 6:07/mile average

·  Daniel W Mruzek was number 55 with 7:09/mile average

Team captain Dan Mruzek said: "Finger Lakes New York LIFE Runners was proud to run to support the great work of RARTL. Thank you, friends, for all you do to support the cause of life!" 

He added that they raised $505 for RARTL, and Debbie also donated her $100 prize as #1 woman, for a total of $605.  Thank you, LIFE Runners.

Are you a runner?  They would love to hear from you.  Check out their facebook page

Updated on RARTL November, 2014

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