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The following is a partial index of the most recent issues for of the Rochester Area Right to Life Newsletter which is called Life-Lines, with links to the articles.   Older, full issues in print are held at the local Rochester office and are available by calling the office.  Online are articles for the years 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000 and also 1998-1999.

 Volume 32; Issue 4; May 2004  Information and news you can use to protect and defend lives threatened by abortion and euthanasia
March for Women's Lives
The young march participants
Bush Pulls USAID Funds for "Reproductive Rights" Conference
Breast Cancer Risks and Prevention
The link being denied
Partial-birth abortion ban court proceedings
Justice Ginsburg asked to recuse herself
Roe v Wade nearly overturned in 1992
Nutrition/hydration for ill/aged - Pope John Paul II
address to health care providers
Responses to the Pope’s remarks
Health Care Notes:  The “Will to Live.”
How to select an agent
Prospective presidential candidate and
Roman Catholic John Kerry
Teresa Heinz-Kerry
Boycott information
Abortion: stronger emotional impact on women than miscarriage
Suggested Prayers
In Memoriam
LIFE-LINES available electronically
RARTL’s web site
Using your credit card rather than a check
MONSTER  Garage Sale!   Save Your Stuff for RARTL
Entertainment Books
Leo Holmsten Human Life Banquet & Award VIII

(Note:  Issues 1 - 3 are currently hardcopy only)


In Memoriam

Eddie Wayne Black (Husband, Father, Grandfather):  Reinhild Black, Laura, Anne

 Stephen J. Buchheit (Son of Robert & Marian)
Judith E. Kiehl

 Marilyn Slaybaugh (Mother & mother-in-law)
of Terry & Donna Slaybaugh

 Joseph Zumiga (Birthday & Anniversary)
Kathy Miller – Daughter


In Prayer

Mary DuBose (Pat Amato’s sister)


 Volume 31; Issue 4; June 2003  Information and news you can use to protect and defend lives threatened by abortion and euthanasia

Victory near for some babies
"Offensive" synonymous with "pro-life"? RARTL and Nazareth College
PETA & abortion
Legal "change of mind" not allowed
LHHL Award to Carol and Richard Crossed
How a bill becomes a law - a reminder from high school
LEGISLATION - Congress to take a summer break, probably after acting on:
          Unborn Victims of Violence Act (S. 1019, H.R. 1997)
          Brownback-Landrieu S.245: human cloning ban
Another glimpse at our Senate representation
New York State Legislators Leave Much Work Undone
AIDS and the Right to Life
Project Rachel
RARTL Board Officers Elected for FY03-04
The Monroe County Fair
Round of applause for our volunteers
Save-A-Baby Campaign
Suggested Prayers

In Memoriam

Italo Antinarelli (Fr. Antinarelli’s father)
Antoinette Bartholomeo
Marilyn Doyle
Mildred Diegnan
Jim & Joe Orman
Faith Hubbel
Fred & Pat Amato
Rudy LeBlanc
James & Clara Robinson
Jane E. Predmore
Sally G. Seymour
Flora Prevost
Mrs. Beverly Dunnington & Family
Ms. Lois Dunnington

In Prayer

Katie Rohr
Mary Szabo
Raymond Buonemani
Milton Dries
Mary DuBose
(Pat Amato’s sister)
George Green


 Volume 31; Issue 3; March 2003  Information and news you can use to protect and defend lives threatened by abortion and euthanasia

United Way Donor Choice
Report to Our 2002 Donors - Accomplishments and Plans
Democratic candidates for abortion
Democrats for Life of America
About the information on legislative issues:
      Bans on Human Cloning
      Banning Partial-Birth Abortion Infanticide
      2003-4 New York State Legislative Session Pro-life Bills
      Fetal Pain Prevention
      Unborn Victims of Violence
      Ban on Partial-birth Abortions
      A Woman’s Right to Know, i.e. "informed consent"
      Human Cloning Ban
      Restriction of Medicaid Funding of Abortion
Local Presentations by Rebecca Kiessling
Lobby for Life Day 2003
Pro-abortion position weakening
Fathers bond with their unborn babies
T H A N K   Y O U!
Oratorical Contest
New twist on abortion being considered a "Catholic issue"
Election 2002 poll results
About the envelope you found in your paper version of this newsletter
Suggested Prayers


In Memoriam

Lois DeRycke
Jean A. Black
Flora Prevost
Judy & John Lynd
Dolores V. Skill
Joseph P. & Dolores J. Russo
Grace G. Doyle
Fred & Patricia Amato
Marilyn Doyle
Joseph V. Zito
Tom & Maria Durkin
Don Franke

Culver Dygert
Veronica D’Angelo Norczyk
Marilyn Doyle

In Prayer

Raymond Buonemani
Mary DuBose
(Sister of Patricia Amato)
George Green
Lois Hamilton
(Mother of Judy Wheeler)
Faith Hubbel and her family


Rev. Paul G. Wohlrab
Laurie & Michael O’Hara & Family

babycrib.gif (1748 bytes)IN WELCOME

Terrence Joseph Slaybaugh to
Donna & Terry Slaybaugh & Family


 Volume 31; Issue 2 November 2002   Information and news you can use to protect and defend lives threatened by abortion and euthanasia

Born Alive Infants Protection Act - President Bush’s remarks signing it,  on 8/5/02
ELECTION DAY: Tuesday, November 5th
Abortion foes find good news on many fronts
Since Roe v Wade in 1973 42,036,175 abortions have been done - Annual Abortion figures
   European Union delays funding stem cell research
   Money for UNFPA withheld by US
   British ‘barbaric’ bank plan
   Feminist MD attacks RU-486 in Australia
Sixth Annual Leo Holmsten Human Life Award Banquet
Democratic-controlled Senate created Inertia in Washington
Partial-Birth Abortion Ban
Why keep partial birth abortion? Who wants it?
Stem cell research supporters
Stem cell research controversies
Embryonic Stem Cell Successes - none
Adult stem cell successes:
   Eliminating pain from bad circulation & preventing gangrene or amputation
   Curing sickle cell, a painful genetic blood disease
   Stem cell transplants for leukemia patients
All human cloning banned in Australia
Measuring baby’s brainwaves in utero
Our right to vote
Book donations
Thanks to RARTL Garage Sale Volunteers, Donors & Customers
Embryo Adoptions
Suggested Prayers  

Vote! Vote!  Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote!Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote!  Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote!  Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote!Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote!Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote!

For hands & arms, legs & feet, head, heart
No charge; Convenient location

Election Day



In Memoriam

Joseph G. Nickel
Geraldine Oftedahl

In Prayer

Raymond Buonemani
Milton Dries
George Green
Lois Hamilton
David Lortscher



Mrs. Florence DiLaura’s Birthday
Rev. Paul Wohlrab
Dr. William Morehouse:
LHHL 2002 Awardee
Terri Robach




Tuesday, November 5th




Articles for the year 2000 , 2001 and 2002 issues are indexed separately.
Articles in the 1999 and 1998 issues can be accessed by using the older index.

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