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"We focus more attention on teens who have babies at proms or who put them in dumpsters than on the efforts communities make to save children of all ages," said Sharon Corcoran, Director of Christian Formation at St. Leo. Her parish joins 35 others in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester in a Community Pledge for Life that will help these teens and other women faced with crisis pregnancies. "St. Leo's has supported people in need in many ways over the years. In this effort we pledge to reach out specifically to a group that has increased in our community. Working with Problem Pregnancy Help Center, Birthright, and Crisis Pregnancy Services, we will network with agencies throughout the community to help families connect with the life-giving support that provides an alternative to abortion."

Suzanne Schnittman, Consistent Life Ethic Coordinator of the Diocese, said, "One of the challenges we face in city and suburb alike are teen and crisis pregnancies. Today, led by St. Leo's of Hilton, the Diocese of Rochester formalizes an outreach that hundreds of its parishioners have been doing informally for decades. This ministry puts our money where our mouth is when we speak out for life. It provides a real alternative to abortion. This is also an example of the diocesan Thanksgiving Appeal at work."

1150 Buffalo Road
Rochester, New York 14624-1890
fax 716-328-3149

Contact: Suzanne Schnittman, 328-3228, x. 304, Sharon Corcoran, 392-9694
What: Faith Communities Announce Pledge to Support Families with Crisis Pregnancies
Where: St. Leo's Church,167 Lake Avenue, Hilton
When: Monday, November 2, 11 a.m.

(revised 5/4/98)

Dear Friends,

We address this to all people who struggle with a crisis pregnancy. We want you to choose life instead of abortion, and we stand ready to try to the best of our ability to help you find the services you need.

- If you are young and afraid to tell your parents you are pregnant, we will go with you and help you tell them.

- If you are under pressure from someone else to get an abortion, we'll stand with you to help you take the pressure.

- If you don 't have transportation to get to a doctor for prenatal care, we'll drive you there and stay with you.

- If you can 't pay for the medical services you need, we'll investigate ways to help you.

- If you want to place your child for adoption, we'll help make the connections.

- If you don't know how you will care for your child afterward, we'll help put you in touch with an agency to assist you.

- If you have family problems, we'll work with your family to deal with them.

- If you feel alone we will pray for you and with you to share God's love for you and your child.

You may not know about services that are available, and we'll help you find them We have many agencies, such as the Catholic Family Center Adoption Services, Catholic Charities Offices in the Finger Lakes, Livingston County, and Southern Tier, Bethany House, Birthrights, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Faith Haven, Melita/McAuley House, and the Problem Pregnancy Help Center. This parish will also try to help you.

We'll do more than that. We'll work together to get the legislation and programs and services that mothers and fathers and children and families need. We'll work on the underlying causes, particularly attitudes toward women.

If you don 't believe us, try us. We have the heart for it. We 'II do what we can to help. We have many people willing to come forward and volunteer.

We believe that every human life is worth more than the flowers of the field, the birds of the sky. And that includes your life. If you have had an abortion and are struggling with guilt, we'll help you too, because we care about you. (Call Project Rachel 1-888-9RACHEL.) Or if you have been abused and are still troubled by that experience, we'll try to help you.

Whatever your problem, we'll try to help put you in touch to find a solution.


The Community of _______________________________________

Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester, New York ___________date




Church of the Annunciation, Rochester
Church of the Epiphany/St. Rose, Sodus
Church of the Resurrection, Fairport
Church of the Transfiguration, Pittsford
Corpus Christi, Rochester
Eastside Catholic Parish, Elmira
Guardian Angels, Henrietta
Holy Apostles, Rochester
Holy Family, Auburn
Holy Trinity, Webster
Our Lady of Lourdes, Brighton
St. Alphonsus, Auburn
St. Anne, Palmyra
St. Anthony of Padua, Rochester
St. Bridget, Rochester
St. Cecilia, Irondequoit
St. Dominic, Shortsville
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Hamlin
St. Francis of Assissi, Auburn
St. Francis of Assissi, Rochester
St. Gregory, Marion
St. Isaac Jogues, Fleming
St. Januarius, Naples
St. Jerome, East Rochester
St. John Fisher College, Rochester
St. John the Evangelist, Spencerport
St. Joseph/St. William, Livonia
St. Joseph, Rush
St. Leo, Hilton
St. Louis, Pittsford
St. Margaret Mary, Apalachin
St. Mark, Greece
St. Mary, Auburn
St. Mary's of the Lake, Ontario
St. Mary, Rochester
St. Patrick, Macedon
St. Patrick, Prattsburg
St. Paul of the Cross, Honeoye falls
St. Philip Neri, Rochester
St. Rita, Webster
St. Salome, Irondequoit
St. Stephen, Geneva
St. Thomas the Apostle, Irondequoit
Sts. Peter and Paul, Rochester


Church of the Assumption, Fairport
Good Shepherd, Henrietta
Holy Family, Rochester
Holy Ghost, Gates
Holy Name, Greece
Holy Rosary, Rochester
Holy Spirit, Webster
Most Precious Blood
Nativity, Brockport
Roman Catholic Community
of the 19th Ward
Sacred Heart Cathedral
St. Charles, Greece
St. John the Evangelist, Greece
St. John the Evangelist, Humboldt in Rochester
St. Margaret Mary, Irondequoit
St. Mary, Watkins Glen
St. Mary, Dansville
St. Mary of the Assumption, Scottsville
St Michael, Newark
St. Vincent de Paul, Churchville

St. Michael, Newark

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