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 India's sterilization camps ordered closed           October 2016
Adult stem cells to be studied for traumatic brain injury          October 2016
Tentative info on buses for the March for Life in January             October 2016
Gallup says Americans suddenly pro-choice.  True?            October 2016

Britain's new PM has voted pro-life          Summer   2016
AMA considering dropping opposition to assisted suicide          Summer   2016
Repeal threat to the Hyde Amendment            Summer   2016
Texas protected women, SC protected predators           Summer   2016
Pro-life billboards in Rochester           August 2015
New York Times: overpopulation not a problem after all        August 2015
Belgian doctors “killing patients who have not asked to die”      August 2015
Congratulations West Virginia     August 2015

Surrogacy goes south to Mexico           November 2014
Buses to March for Life 2015           November 2014
RIP Sandra Cano of Doe v. Bolton           November 2014
LIFE Runners at 5K           November 2014

Judge invents assisted suicide right in New Mexico             February 2014  
Media non-coverage of the March for Life in Washington            February 2014
Secular pro-life organizations at the March for Life 2014            February 2014 
Brit Hume: "The Moral Case for Defending Life"            February 2014  

Nobel Prizewinner Motivation: Not What You Might Think       October  2012
Norplant is Back--Under a Different Name     October  2012

Louisiana - signs of hope for pregnant women           March 2012
Texas has sonogram success            March 2012
Girl Scouts and a pro-life t-shirt?      March 2012
Shocking video and surprising lawsuit      April, 2011
Much ado about Maafa in Princeton        April, 2011
Pope celebrated vigil for “nascent human life”        January, 2011
 Saving a Leg and a Life  -  Do We Have to Amputate?  December, 2010
Obamacare – Inaccurate Claims of 2010     December, 2010
 Rumors, rumors - how rumor theory might lead to a more pro-life campus.  October, 2010
 Eggsploitation: egg donation hazards      August, 2010
UN Committee Attacks Motherhood, Demands New “Rights” for Women      August, 2010
Embryos not human, rules Korean high court      August, 2010
No Constitutional Right to Assisted Suicide in Montana – but Not Against Current Law    January, 2010
The new suicide reality in Washington State   October  2009
Federal Judge Dismisses Catholic Answers Lawsuit
over IRS Bullying of Non-Profits
  October  2009
Feminists Choosing Life sues to end egg sales in NYS    October  2009
Freedom of speech comes back to Spokane Falls Community College     October  2009
Curbing the Myth of Overpopulation to Fight Poverty    September  2009
Jennifer Burch  “P.A.C.E. and a Career That Almost Didn’t Happen”  -  Abortion and recovery, with information on a post-abortion recovery program you probably didn’t know about.   September  2009
Fr. Frank Pavone in Rochester  
September  2009
40 Days for Life in Rochester  September  2009
Feisty Timor Leste Bucks Abortion Lobby
September  2009
Abortionists' Ranks Shrinking  September  2009
Inducement to death at the VA?  September  2009
San Francisco Stem Cell Conference  -  Cord blood info!   February  2009
Abortion is not "early pregnancy care" except in California   February  2009
Baby born alive in abortion and then discarded    February  2009
March for Life, 2009, Washington, DC      February  2009
National Sanctity of Human Life Day, 2009, last one to be declared by President Bush      February  2009
Reversal of the Mexico City Policy, alternatively expressed as "Obama signs order to abort the world’s poor"     February  2009
Bishops punishing bishops?      December 2008
Hillary Clinton at State Department Worries Veterans of UN Abortion Wars        December 2008
President George Bush issues conscience protection rules        December 2008
Repair of intestines and a new trachea  -  ADULT Stem Cell Success         December 2008
Election note 2008     November 2008

Rochester Area Right to Life PAC Endorsements for President, Congress, and NYS Legislature  -  Paid Political Ad  -       October 2008
Right to Abortion Emphasized at UN AIDS Conference in Mexico City      October 2008
Missouri State University Students Vandalize Pro-Life Display      October 2008
Guilt and Shame and the APA      October 2008
Teen Oral Sex Ad Funded by Taxpayer Dollars    August 2008
40 Days for Life - in Rochester for the first time   August 2008
A pro-life worker in Israel  August 2008
Continued good news - an adult stem cell status report January-June 2008  August 2008
Award for euthanasia of the pre-born       August 2008
January, 2008 Rochester Events Recalling Roe V. Wade      January 2008
Amnesty International now pushing abortion    January 2008
Governor Eliot Spitzer Added to 'Choose Life' Federal Lawsuit    January 2008
IPPF and UNFPA Ramping Up Abortion Campaigns in Africa
    January 2008
International Planned Parenthood Federation Launches a New Abortion Campaign in Europe
    January 2008
US Senators and NGOs Call for UN Reform Before US Treaty Ratification    July, 2007
Nation-Wide Pro-Life Movement - "40 Days for Life"     July, 2007
Brian Donohue of Rochester wins pro-life oratorical contest    July, 2007
Stem Cell Research - Not By Any Means - winning pro-life oratorical entry    July, 2007
Campaign Finance Reform victory in Wisconsin    July, 2007
Adult stem cells at work in Canadaigua    July, 2007
Pakistan Tells Pro-Abortion UN Committee that "Abortion is Murder"     July, 2007
American adult stem cells to be used for British 3-year-old    July, 2007
Provo Conference Urges UN to Put Families at Forefront    July, 2007
U.S. Supreme Court ruling supports ban of partial-birth abortion (PBA)    July, 2007
Spitzer bill: Reproductive Health and Privacy Protection Act: S.5829    July, 2007
A Tale of Two Marches In Washington, DC in 2007     April 2, 2007
Adult Stem Cells Treat Heart Failure in California     April 2, 2007
Organ Harvesting Before "Brain-Death" Increasingly Common     April 2, 2007
Over-Hasty Organ “Donation”?     April 2, 2007
Polish MEP Condemns European Abortion Decision Against Poland      April 2, 2007
Liver cancer:  Stem cells speed growth of healthy liver tissue    April 2, 2007
Portuguese Criticized by CEDAW
Catholic School Bans Pro-life Speaker  -  Students termed "too sensitive" to hear the topic
Eggs for sale –  A new way of earning money for college
CEDAW Committee Presses for More Abortions in Colombia
NY Umbilical Cord Science Center to be Established
March for Life in Washington, DC, in January, 2007.  The pictures will make you wish you were there!
Huge March for Life Crowd Warms Washington, DC - Dave Andrusko
UN Report on violence doesn't mention sex-selected abortions
2006 Endorsements for NY State and Federal offices - a paid political ad
Adult Stem Cell Treatment of Lupus at Northwestern  
Adult Stem Cell Support in Washington  
Child Custody Protection Act  
Gender Selection Causes Clinic Closings in China
Quietly determined to wear his pro-life shirt
Suing over half failed abortion
American Indian Life Values Prevail
Farewell to Mary Dwelley
Terri changes her lawyer's mind on abortion

New Research Links Abortion With Depression, Other Mental Health Problems
Abortion and Depression and the APA
NIH Admits US Lacks Data Needed to Study Abortion and Depression

Leo Holmsten Human Life Award 2005 goes to Gerry Oftedahl
   LHHL Dinner - NY State historical comments by Ernie Ohlhoff
   LHHL Dinner - Acceptance Speech by Gerry Oftedahl
Pope John Paul II – Life, Death, and Dignity      April 15, 2005
NRLC on Pope John Paul II     April 15, 2005
Mark your calendar:    "The Science and Ethics of Stem Cells and Cloning"     April 15, 2005
Action Item: Parental Notification - Federal Legislation     April 15, 2005
Action Item: Need to End Filibusters of President Bush's Judicial Nominees     April 15, 2005
Terri Schiavo – Miscellaneous Last Words     April 15, 2005
Abortion Facility Bomber Pleads Guilty     April 15, 2005
Pro-Life Forces Claim Victory at UN Population Conference     April 15, 2005

Federal Terri's Law and the Compromise Replacement    March 22, 2005
President Bush signing the Compromise Terri's Law    March 22, 2005
Court Sequel to the Compromise Terri's Law
    March 22, 2005
Other Florida influences on Terri's case      March  2005
Incapacitated person's legal protection act - to help Terri     March  2005
Terri Schiavo  -  Why starve her?    Feb 2005
Terri and Sarah:  Two brain-damaged women.  What is the difference between them?   Feb 2005
Protection for health providers who refuse to do abortions   March  2005
New UNICEF Chief Named, Heavy Tasks Face Her    Feb 2005
Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act S. 51 / H.R. 356   Feb 2005
Second successful suit against abortion facility   Feb 2005
The Specter Agreement  - Were the pro-life people sold out?   Feb 2005
Dutch Slippery Slope Is Re-greased  -  "Suffering through living" now qualifies    Feb 2005
March for Life 2005 and Walk for Life West Coast    Feb, 2005
New flu vaccine from Vaxin to use aborted fetal cell lines    Feb 2005
Action Item: State Parental Notification Laws To Be Made Effective Across State Lines    Feb 2005
Florida Pro-Life license plate update - they're popular!    Feb 2005
Endorsements for federal, New York State, and Monroe County offices  Oct 28, 2004
Superman, Laura, and Susan - Human Spinal Recovery with Adult Stem Cell Treatment     Oct 15  2004
Warning!  Stem Cell Scams!   Oct 15  2004
Stop Embryonic Stem Cell Research in New York.  Possible action in November in Albany.   Oct 15  2004
Abortion Pain in the Unborn Child   Oct   2004
Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross -  a great loss to the pro-life community  Oct   2004
Terri at risk again  Oct   2004
National Right to Life status report on the 108th Congress to date  Oct   2004
Abortion/Breast Cancer Presentation in Rochester, NY    May  2004
President Bush signs Unborn Victims of Violence Act (“Laci and Conner’s Law”) with Members of Victims’ Families   May  2004
Parents of Terri Schindler-Schiavo Told to Pay to See Their Daughter   May  2004
Uganda AIDS Rate  -  down due to "vaccine" of role model behavior   May  2004
March for Women’s Lives - also known as Abortion Rights March   May  2004
Population problems in South Korea - cash incentives for children   May  2004
Senate Hearing to Explore Abortion's Harm to Women   March 2004
Update on Buffalo’s “Dumpster Baby”   March 2004
When a pregnant woman is killed, is that one victim or two? Unborn Victims of Violence Act   March 2004
Thanks to all those who helped us raise money for the unborn by buying Entertainment Books   March 2004
Judicial Recess Appointment of Attorney General Bill Pryor    March 2004
Kofi Annan Calls Abortion Group “Shining Example” for World    March 2004
Abortion for Cleft Palate - I told you so!     January 2004
British Court Approves Cleric's Cleft Palate-Abortion Lawsuit  January 2004
Internation Legal Strategy for Abortion Rights Promotion    January 2004
Florida license plates - Lawsuits Galore!!!      January 2004
New Jersey Allows Implantation but Mandates The Abortion of Clones    January 2004
U.S. Archbishop Burke Orders Priests to Refuse Communion for Anti-Life Politicians  January 2004
Protection for Some Unborn in France  November 28, 2003
Democrats for Life Form in Monroe County   November, 2003
Abortion Doctor Settles Malpractice Suit    October 20
Killed for Refusing Abortion     October 16, 2003
Abortion for A Cleft Palate   October 23, 2003
Students barred from National Cherry Festival  updated July, 2003
Family of Laci and Conner Peterson Urge Approval     May, 2003
Pro-Life T-Shirt Day Results in Suppression of Free Speech   April 29, 2003
Mother Tells Congress: "Is This One Victim or Two?"  
LA County Sheriffs, School Administrator, Sued For Banning Pro-Life Speech      April, 2003
Spencerport teens looking to support teen parents and their parents  updated April 2003
James Kopp convicted of killing abortion doctor    updated April 2003
Partial-Birth Abortion...What Can I Do?   updated April 2003
European Embryonic Research Prospects  updated April 2003
Court Orders Temporary Halt to Forced Abortion in Mississippi  updated April 2003
Pro-life Citizens Support Bush Administration in US Congress  updated April 2003
Forced Abortion Revealed  updated April 2003
RU Fonda Jane? Planned Parenthood Is!  updated April 2003
March for Life 2003 - The story that didn't get told     February 2003
March for Life 2003 -  Reflections by a first-time participant    February 2003
March for Life 2003 - President Bush's message    February 2003
Study Shows Umbilical Cord Matrix New Rich Source of Stem Cells    February 2003
RICO not valid against abortion protesters    February 2003
Pro-Life Trucks Detained - Suit Filed    February 2003
EU headed for abortion approval mandate?    February 2003
Pro-Abortion Democrats Block Aid to Women in Afghanistan    February 2003
Student's Pro-Life T-shirt Is Equivalent to the Swastika Says School Principal    February 2003
Euthanasia Prevention Group Sees Hope for Pain Control in New Painkiller    February 2003
AIDS Reduction Success in Uganda - without condoms and abortions    February 2003
Silent No More: A New National Campaign Begins     February 2003
What do you call it when thousands of pro-life people march through Washington?  updated 1/3/2002
Stem Cells in Bone Marrow - two uses      updated 1/4/2002
    In the lab - differentiate to 3 kinds of brain cells
    In the hospital - helpful in heart attacks
Unanimity between American and Asian pro-life groups     updated 1/4/2002
Sniper Kopp indicted a second time     updated 1/4/2002
"Dr. Death" to stay in jail     updated 1/4/2002
An assisted suicide conviction upheld in Holland     updated 1/4/2002
Abortion versus safe drinking water    updated 12/17/2002
Pro-Life Families Complain About Group's Telemarketing Calls   updated 12/17/2002
A Real Soccer Mom   updated 12/17/2002
Bush takes the heat:
    Bush - Pro-Life Actions   updated 12/17/2002
    Radicals Attack Bush Because of UN Pro-life Stance   updated 12/17/2002
    Bush and the Atheist   updated 12/17/2002
European Parliament calls for comprehensive ban on human cloning   updated 12/17/2002
Court Orders Municipality To Pay Over $39,000 in Michigan Pro-Life Case   updated 12/17/2002
So who won the elections around Rochester?     updated 11/18/2002
Unborn Children and Their Mothers Won The Election    updated 11/18/2002
Permission required for a poster contest, but not for an abortion     updated 11/18/2002
"It's just blood..."  leads to malpractice suit   updated 11/18/2002
Parental responsibility?  How?   When they give your pre-teen the morning-after pill   updated 11/18/2002
Baby saves her mom - adult stem cell use wins again       updated 10/29/2002
In a vegetative state?   Don’t give up too soon!      updated 10/26/2002
Violence on pregnant women overlooked   updated 10/26/2002
A new pro-life website, Science for Unborn Human Life    updated 10/26/2002
Medical Research Council tries to reclasify pregnancy as health risk   updated 10/26/2002
Russian underpopulation problem - deaths higher than births    updated 10/26/2002
Woodward Dream Cruise Turns into Royal Oak Nightmare for Pro-Lifer    updated 10/26/2002
Actress and singer abortion aftermaths   updated 10/26/2002
Soft-Drink-Sized Baby Goes Home      updated 7/2/2002
Congresswoman Louise Slaughter Introduces Hormone Disruptor Bill - funny?     updated 7/2/2002
Elect Life 2002 Telephone Solicitation       updated 7/2/2002
      Comparison with National Right to Life       updated 7/2/2002
Forgotten Victims of Rape - new address        updated 7/2/2002
Denmark told to change laws by CEDAW Committee, raising fears in US      updated 7/2/2002
Abortion Training to be Mandatory in NYS   updated 6/23/2002
National Right to Life Committee - a new aid to communication   updated 6/23/2002
Europe tilting to the right?   updated 6/23/2002
Texas Student - Pro-life Sweatshirt OK    updated 5/24/2002
Statutory Rape Reporting and Abortion Clinics     updated 5/24/2002
City Funds Used to Buy Pro-Life Signs    updated 5/3/2002
Texas judges and young teen injuries    updated 4/14/2002
Family privacy in South Africa    updated 4/14/2002
Designer baby    updated 4/14/2002
Mandatory abortion training in New York City    updated 4/14/2002
Buffalo Bishop Defends CPCs   updated 1/30/2002
Aborted at 32 Weeks - No Problem in Australia   updated 1/30/2002
Pro-Life Dioramas at the Monroe County Airport    updated 5/25/2001
Bias at SUNY on a pro-life presentation   updated 5/25/2001
A Child of Rape?  Read how it feels to be the product of an act of rape.  One such child, now grown, offers refuge for others.  updated 4/28/2001

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A US Supreme Court justice has implicitly criticized the 1973 judgment in Roe v Wade which declared a constitutional right to abortion. In a speech last Friday, Justice Antonin Scalia said that judges who read new rights into the text of the constitution were "impoverishing democracy". He said that access to abortion should be the subject of a law rather than a new interpretation of the constitution which, he affirmed, "means now what its text reasonably conveyed to intelligent and informed people at the time it was drafted and ratified".

AP, 24 February; via Northern Light] http://library.northernlight.com/
EB20010224120000039.html?cb=0&dx=1006 &sc=0#doc

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