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The RARTL site is intended to forward the aims of RARTL. As such, it will carry only the kinds of things generally considered acceptable by the Board of Directors. It will carry pro-life material oriented along tolerant, rational lines.

RARTL Web Purpose: inform ourselves, the public, and our legislators on pro-life issues, advocate for the defenseless party in abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia. Refrain from any actions, which might jeopardize the ability of RARTL to carry out their purpose.

Restrictions: No "flames" of any kind will be allowed. No bashing of any other groups such as pro-abortion, gay, etc. The guest-book will be monitored for compliance.

There will be no support / publicity to any group which promotes illegal activity, especially violent activity. We will not put links on our pages for any group for which a supposed alliance would reasonably expected to make us jointly liable with them.

Publishing Process: Any material that is clearly non-controversial can be published without specific approval. Any suspect material should be reviewed by the President or Vice President and, if they are not sure, by the Board as a whole.

Publishing will be done by one person, with a second one as backup in case of unavailability of the primary. The primary person carries responsibility for all content change.

All pages will be edited and published through Front Page unless a decision is made jointly by the Webmaster and associated technical people to change the technical process.

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