WHO urges cheaper over safer abortions

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World Health Organization: cheaper vs. safer

In her article “WHO Researchers Urge Cheaper Abortion above Safety,” Rebecca Oas, Ph.D reported on a Lancet study done in collaboration with WHO, to prove that  clinical follow-up after a chemical abortion is unnecessary, thus simplifying the abortion process and “saving resources,” especially in “resource poor settings.”

The Lancet study concluded a home self- pregnancy test after a chemical abortion was “non-inferior” to a clinical follow-up. The researchers did not seem concerned that the home tests failed to identify three continuing pregnancies that were later aborted in the second trimester. Nor did they offer insights on how to treat high risk women in poor resource settings, especially if they are discouraged from having post abortion follow-up appointments.

As more abortions are performed by pills, pro-abortion groups urge that abortion be further “de-medicalized,” thus removing more barriers to abortion, even those meant to protect women’s health.


RARTL Updated March, 2015

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