More India data on abortion and breast cancer

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More data from India linking abortion and breast cancer

            Twelve recent studies coming out of India all indicate an increase in breast cancer among women who had prior abortions.

India is a good country for gathering data on the link because the risk factors found in the Western world are generally not present in India.  In India, women marry relatively young, they have a lot of children, they breastfeed, and they do not use birth control pills.  Therefore the increased risk attributable to the other factors is not present and the increase is more likely to be due to the abortions.

The risk shown in these studies is quite variable, but consistently large.  On the average, they indicate that Indian women with prior abortions have five and a half times the probability of developing breast cancer as those who did not have abortions.

Itís one more piece of information that says women who have had abortions should be careful to have their exams on a regular basis.

It is reasonable for us as pro-lifers to suggest such precautions to women who might not have access to the risk information that is becoming increasingly clearer.  We must always remember in such discussions that not everyone who has breast cancer has had an abortion, and not everyone who has an abortion develops breast cancer.  We are talking about risk, not certainty.

RARTL Updated November, 2014

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