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There are many, many pro-life Web sites offering different information and opinions.   We have selected some which we think are particularly informative, have beautiful inspirational graphics, offer interesting viewpoints, or which for some other reason are thought-worthy.  We have, of course, no control over their content or method of presentation. Our selection cannot possibly substitute for your thought-filled consideration of the material in each site.

Be Not Afraid. (www.benotafraid.net) It’s by and for parents who have received a "poor prenatal diagnosis." That means the parents have been told that the unborn baby has a serious health problem, in some cases even signifying the death of the infant within hours of birth.  How love can triumph over panic and expedience.

Living with Trisomy 13   http://www.livingwithtrisomy13.org/This website is for parents whose "poor prenatal diagnosis" was trisomy 13.  It's a wonderful, hope-filled site for parents who have simply been told that their unborn child's condition was "hopeless."

Science for Unborn Human Life, www.sfuhl.org . According to the webmaster, this site contains 489 scientific facts about the rapid development of the unborn child's body, as well as facts about prenatal movement, sensations, and learning.
Updated 10/26/2002

American Collegians for Life (www.aclife.org)   Good information and connections for students interested in pro-life groups at other colleges.  Check 'em out.   added 6/28/2002

Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity (www.cbhd.org)   Lots of up-to-date news on life issues that you will not find in your local newspaper. Very factual, readable, and fascinating!  added 5/13/2002

Physicians for Compassionate Care  (www.pccef.orgThey say,   "PCCEF affirms an ethic based on the principle that all human life is inherently valuable and that the physician's roles are to heal illness, alleviate suffering, and provide comfort for the sick and dying. PCCEF promotes compassionate care for severely ill patients without sanctioning or assisting their suicide." added 4/17/2002

God's Little Ones   (www.homestead.com/godslittleones/index.html)      Hand-made models of all stages of pre-natal life, including one little cutie peeking out of a thimble  The artist says,  "U.S. Abortion rate 1.3 million every year.  That is equal to a classroom of 30 children killed every ten minutes,all day, everyday. This site is dedicated to these little Americans.  The artist creates these models, one at a time in their memory."

Vida Humana Internacional  (www.vidahumana.org)   They say, "We are the only international pro-life Hispanic organization that has a website on Internet, and our section on abortion alone has over 500 pages. You can find out more about us if you go into the English language section of our website (if you can't read Spanish)."   Este portal contiene muy buena información para los hispanos de EE.UU. y otras partes del mundo. También ofrece material educativo para las personas que no son hispanas.

For UN news, check out the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute website  www.c-fam.org .   They're featuring a weekly update, which includes support of the pro-family and pro-life influence of the Vatican.

Jews for Life (www.jewsforlife.org)   They say:  As Pro-Life Jews, we will not be deceived by 'choice.' Jews For Life is an organization created to reflect the traditional Jewish pro-life perspective on abortion. Jews For Life maintains that life, both born and unborn, is sacred and worthy of protection. Further, we submit that the current so-called 'pro-choice' position of mainstream liberal Jewish organizations is antithetical to the traditional teachings of our faith.    added 9/2/2001

SPUC - Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (www.spuc.org.ukLots of British-based news on the pro-life front.  added 8/8/2001

Be-ad Chaim  (www.cmrc.on.ca/ProLifeIsrael/welcome.htm)     They don't update this very often, but if you're interested in the Middle East, with a specific picture of what it's like to be pro-life in Israel, take a look at whatever their current newsletter says.  added 6/7/2001

Teen Pro-Life  (www.TrueAbortion.com)    some interesting free banners to print for your website or bulletin board.   They bill themselves as the first ever web site managed totally by pro-life teens.   It is an offshoot, but in no way a duplicate of AbortionTV.    added 5/28/2001

AbortionTV  (www.AbortionTV.com)    Neat, well organized.  Their definition of pro-choice: "We think the victim (baby) should choose whether to live or die. Until science devises a way to communicate with a fetus, let's wait until the baby can reason (about three?), and then ask him if he wants to die."    added 5/28/2001

InterLIFE  (www.interlife.org)    Sign up for their multiple-times daily news bulletins.     added 5/28/2001

Stigmatized  (www.stigmatized.org)   Could you write this? "I am an adoptee who was conceived in rape." One such adoptee has put up a web site to fight for those who feel excused from life because of the circumstances surrounding their mother's pregnancy.   This is intended for you if you were conceived in rape or incest.   added 2/18/2001

Human Life International (www.hli.org)    Varied and interesting information.  Their newest is a listing of "pro-choice" violence directed against pro-life people or even other pro-choice people who disagreed with them. Check out pro-abortion violence in your state at  www.hli.org/issues/violence/toc.html   added 2/6/2001

Coma Recovery Association (www.comarecovery.org) The CRA was founded in 1980 by family members of comatose patients.  A wealth of online information and a source of hope!  added 11/23/00

Choose Life, Inc. (www.choose-life.org)    Follow up on the success story in Florida, where this organization managed to get for the citizens of the state the right to purchase license plates that say "Choose Life."   Part of the arrangement is that $20 of the proceeds will be returned to the county where the tag was sold for the purpose of helping women with problem pregnancies.    added 10/29/00

DOCTORS FOR LIFE in South Africa. (www.dfl.org.za). A new web site chock full of information on abortion, AIDS, prostitution, drug abuse and more. When I looked at it, it loaded slowly, but it is worth a wait. added 10/18/00

Life Issues - Clear Thinking about Crucial Issues  (www.lifeissues.netInteresting information.   A site with current topics, focusing mostly on the US although the Webmaster is a priest serving in Japan.  Check it out.  added 10/1/00

Abortion Concern  (www.abortionconcern.org)    This Web site says it is for:
    women who are being pressured into unwanted abortions
    women who have been distressed after, or injured by, an abortion
    anyone who is under the illusion that women always freely choose abortions
    anyone who thinks that abortion is always emotionally benign 
Note that the site is not really pro-life, since it is against only those abortions which were not really wanted by the pregnant woman. However, it has a wealth of useful information about abortion.

Rachel’s Vineyard (www.rachelsvineyard.org) was developed by Theresa Karminski Burke, Ph.D., along with Barbara Cullen, and offers weekend retreats held across the United States for any woman or man who has struggled with the emotional and spiritual pain of an abortion. Many women and men seek help anywhere from five to twenty years after their abortion, having suffered in confusion and silence.  

Protection of Conscience Laws  (www.consciencelaws.org)   "Laws preserving freedom of choice - for everyone."  This site explains why we need laws to protect people from being forced to participate in procedures to which they object for reasons of conscience, possibly including abortion, artificial contrception, sterilization, euthanasia, physician assisted suicide, and human experimentation.  

Shrine of the Holy Innocents (www.innocents.com)   A church in Chicago where a candle always burns for children who have died before birth.  You can have a child's name inscribed in a "Book of Life" that rests between statues of the Holy Family.  People come to pray for the children all day long, and a Mass is offered once a month in honor of the children.  What a lovely thought! 

New York State Right to Life www.nys-right-to-life.org   Offers some good links to useful sites.  It is the organization with which RARTL is affiliated.

Association for Interdisciplinary Research in Values and Social Change  (www.abortionresearch.comThis is an association of pro-life professionals including counselors, therapists, professors, psychologists, psychiatrists, researchers, and lawyers for mutual sharing of knowledge and experience.  It contains no pretty pictures.  All the effort goes into solid, scholarly but readable writing. 

Pro-Life Views, an About.com GuideSite  (http://prolife.about.com)   A site that belongs to the MiningCompany, this is a highly maintained collection of information, with forums where you can make your opinions known.  It's also worth noting that they have a pro-choice site available where  you might want to put your opinions, also. But note that wherever you go, the ideas you communicate should be persuasive, not offensive.  We want to convince people, not turn them away. 

Choices Medical Clinic (www.choicesmc.org)   They say, "For a long time, Wichita has had a doctor specializing in killing babies through the violence of abortion. Now, for the first time, Wichita will have physicians who specialize in saving babies from being killed through the violence of abortion."    And the best part is that it’s right next door to an abortionist who does late-term abortions.   Take a look at a recent success story in their online newsletter.    

Do No Harm: The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics  (www.stemcellresearch.orgSome interesting testimony, including a diabetic young man who tells why we should not sacrifice unborn children using him as the excuse.  

Schreeuw (a pro-life site in the Netherlands) (www.kerk.net/schreeuwThis site is Dutch, with many articles translated into English.  The sometimes-awkward translations do not conceal the horror that euthanasia has brought to this country. 

Abortion Essay (www.abortionessay.com)  Essays on abortion that are worth reading.  Here's what the founder and author of the first essay on this site said: "I attempt to answer the questions: Why has the tragedy of abortion happened in our time and what can we do to stop it? With this essay, I hope to encourage our pro-life side. I also hope to change some who are straddling the fence on this issue.  I am a CPA from Houston.   In January, my pastor spoke a few words about abortion on Sanctity of Life Sunday. This inspired me write this essay. I actually wrote it during my lunch hours over the next month and a half. I was in High School when Roe v. Wade was decided. I remember the debate during that time and I have watched it ever since."

National Democrats for Life (www.democratsforlife.org) A completely volunteer site, it has some information that might be interesting for someone who thinks that Democrats must be pro-abortion. 

A Pro-Life Democrats Club at Yahoo  (clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/prolifedemocrats)   Want to chat?  Try them.  

Life Research and Communications Institute ( www.culture-of-life.org ) Lots of knowledgeable articles from respected sources.  

National Association of Pro-Life Nurses  (www.nursesforlife.org)   This site "seeks to provide moral support for pro-life nurses."  It offers information to counteract with truth the anti-life stance of the American Nurses' Association, which came out against the Pain Relief Promotion Act. 

Abortion Facts (www.abortionfacts.com) Owned by the Heritage House, this has a lot of question-answer information on it, including a goodly quantity of statistics.  

New York State Feminists for Life (www.fflny.org)   Did you realize feminism doesn't necessarily mean pro-abortion/pro-choice?   Some interesting pro-life concepts and a little more light shed on what the original feminists' take was on abortion! 

The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List (www.prolifeinfo.org) Lots of factual pro-life information and opinion pieces, plus a search feature that really works!  Sign up for their daily news bulletins, too.

L.E.A.R.N. Inc. (www.learninc.org) is an African-American, evangelical pro-life ministry.  They have some interesting articles on the abortion issue with relation to Black women, and related comments on other pro-life issues. 

On the subject of adoption,  there's Faces of Adoption - America's Waiting Children (www.adopt.org).   Listings of children available for adoption through NAP and CAP. Beautiful children.  A site that has info for all sides of the adoption question is  Adoption.com   (www.adoption.com).  It has the information you'd expect, plus a section for pregnant women who are looking into possible adoption.  You can even search for specific characteristics of a couple who might adopt your child.  Sections for  adoptees and prospective adoptive parents.

Jews For Morality (jewsformorality.org)   Essays and links "on the socio-moral issues of the day from a traditional Jewish perspective."

Libertarians for Life  (www.l4l.org)   A pro-choice comment is that "the government shouldn't be involved" in decisions about abortion.  A Libertarian article says that's not physically possible.  Lots of other interesting ideas, too.

Ohio Right to Life  (www.ohiolife.org They say, "We are for: the unborn - babies - mothers - the elderly - the handicapped - minorities - adoption.  Not to mention life, love, compassion, and forgiveness."

Priests for Life (www.priestsforlife.org They say, "We are an officially approved association of Catholic Clergy who give special emphasis to the pro-life teachings of the Church.  We offer ongoing assistance to the clergy in addressing the topics of abortion and euthanasia, and training and resources to the entire pro-life movement with a growing amount of material in Spanish."

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (www.mccl-inc.org)

Carolyn Gargaro's Web Site (www.gargaro.com) A personal Web site with a lot of current information reflecting Carolyn's strong pro-life view.  A kind of nice reminder that one person can make a difference. 

Right Grrl! (www.rightgrrl.com)   Co-founder is Carolyn Gargaro.  Oriented to teens.

Roe No More Ministries (www.roenomore.org) Norma McCorvey, the "Roe" of Roe vs. Wade, has moved over to the pro-life side and has now become Catholic.  Read her own comments on her feelings about the issue.

National Right To Life (www.nrlc.org)   Among other things contains the national newsletter.  And if you look in there under the abortion page, there's a series of pictures helping to answer the question "When does life begin?"  The photos are beautiful.  We had a book with similar pictures, and my children literally wore that book out looking at the pictures long before they could read. 

American Life League (www.all.org Contains a pro-life encyclopedia, with 140 chapters and 6 appendices. Also contains a lot of links.

Right to Life of Michigan (www.rtl.org Their education fund sponsors TV ads.

Roe v WadeRoe v. Wade: 26 years of Life Denied  (www.roevwade.org)   Their picture-link, left, says it all.  Remember the 'thousands of women dying in illegal abortions' that made it 'necessary' to legalize abortion?  This web site points out that this 'fact' is fiction.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Online  (www.pregnancycenters.org For if it's 2 AM, you feel very alone, you are ready to start looking for help, and you've got Internet!

Family Research Council (www.frc.org).   A conservative site, highly patriotic, which is firmly supportive of all it regards as family values.

Population Research Institute (www.pop.org)   Presents information on population-related issues.  Documents world-wide human rights abuses which occur in the name of population control.  Tries to promote economic growth through models that respect human rights.

March for Life (www.marchforlife.org)   History of the movement and the logic behind it.

Feminists for Life (www.feministsforlife.org)      Interesting information on early pro-life feminists, like Susan B. Anthony.

National Conference of Catholic Bishops (www.nccbuscc.org)  News, press releases - obviously a certain amount of life issues.  Daily scripture readings, etc.  Oh, and absolutely beautiful art!

Birthright (www.birthright.org) The site for the national and international organization.  Help in problem pregnancies.  Background of Birthright, and their always-answered telephone number.

Pro-Lifers Against Clinic Violence (members.tripod.com/~lifepeace)proanim.gif (2795 bytes)  A site set up to help correct  the "growing misconception that all pro-lifers advocate violence against abortion providers."  They have a list of varied links, in which each Web site adheres to the belief  that "violence and abuse have no place in the pro-life movement."

International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force (www.iaetf.org Interesting articles, showing that YOU are affected, even if you always thought the problem was far away from you.

Euthanasia (euthanasia.com)   "Information for research on euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide, living wills, mercy killing."  Beautiful pre-birth photos.  Plus a chilling note: some people in Holland are carrying cards requesting that they not be killed by an overeager doctor.  According to this site, 23% of doctors there said that they had ended a patient's life without his or her explicit request.

Parenthood  (www.parenthoodweb.com) A site for parent/child interests, they have some sonograms of pre-natal babies at many different stages.  One mother mentioned in a national magazine that during her pregnancy she showed her other children what the new baby looked like and how he/she was developing.  Neat idea.

A different slant on respect for life is from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (www.ncadv.orgDomestic violence easily escalates to a threat to life. Complete with a quiz or two to find out if you are at risk.

Common Ground  (www.consistentlife.org)    Looks at violence in our lives and seeks ways to eliminate it in such diverse areas as abortion, euthanasia, war, and economic injustice.  A thought-provoking analysis.

Pro-Life Infonet.  Not a Web site, but a pro-life newsletter that comes to you via e-mail every day. Here's how to get it.  The Pro-Life Infonet is a daily compilation of pro-life news and information. To subscribe, send the message "subscribe" to: [email protected] Infonet is sponsored by Women and Children First (http://www.prolifeinfo.org/wcf). For more pro-life info visit http://www.prolifeinfo.org and for questions or additional information email [email protected]

Christian Medical and Dental Society  (www.cmds.orgChristian view of all sorts of   ethical issues.

Not exactly pro-life, but here's some other links you might find useful.

Rollcall News (www.rollcall.com  They say they are 'the leading source for Congressional news and information both inside the Beltway and beyond."  Published on paper since 1955, they inaugurated the electronic version as this site in 1996.  They also have a link to:
the congressional website (congress.nw.dc.us/rollcall/elecmail.html) where you can find your member of congress.

State Sites  (www.senate.state.ny.us)   Has a lookup by zipcode.
(assembly.state.ny.us Names, addresses, and bios of lawmakers, but no lookup.

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