Duck Dynasty and cleft palate

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Duck Dynasty and cleft palate

 Duck Dynasty’s Jase and Missy Robertson were told that their unborn child Mia had a cleft palate and would need surgeries after birth.

Someone asked Missy, “Was there ever a thought in your mind you might not follow through with the pregnancy?”

The answer? “Absolutely not. No. That thought never entered my mind. God gave each and every one of us life, as a gift. And each life has value and importance. And Mia has a special importance now in her life because of that.”

Mia has indeed had multiple surgeries and is today a ten-year-old that her mother says is “an example to so many people.”  She is also the motivation for the Mia Moo Fund (, which is “to inform, inspire, and improve the quality of life for children born with cleft lip/palate.”  

RARTL Updated November, 2014

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