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Want to look for partial-birth, parental permission, euthanasia, Holland, hospice, or (???) ?  Try the search routine below to search our site only.  Just put your word or words in the space and click the search button. Start with just one or two words if possible.

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Didn't find everything you wanted?  See the tips below.

If that still doesn't work, there's another search you might want to try.  The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List ( has a search function that will allow you to find pro-life information on their site.

Tips for searchers

* Check spelling - Make sure your search terms are spelled correctly. The search engine will attempt to find words that sound similar to your search terms - but it is always best to spell the search terms correctly.

* Use multiple words - This will return more refined results than a search from a single word.

* Use similar words - The more similar words you use in a search, the more relevant results will be to the words that you are searching for.

* Use appropriate capitalization - Capitalize proper nouns such as the name of a person. Lowercase words will match any words of any case.

* Use quotation marks to force exact matches. For example, search for "content management system".

* Use Boolean plus (+) or minus (-) operators - Precede a search term or phrase with a plus (+) sign to indicate it must appear in a search result. Precede a search term with a minus (-) sign to indicate an undesirable search term or phrase that must not appear in a search result. For example, searching for +dogs -collie will return results that are about dogs, but not about collies.

For the ultimate in how to use our search, check out the Atomz folks at

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