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Who has abortions?

Age: Annually, about 2% of American women aged 15 to 44; a decline since 1980 when it was 3%. Based on 1992 numbers, an estimated 43% of women now of childbearing age will have had at least one abortion by the time they are 45 years old
Income: In 1995 almost as many white women from households with annual incomes above $60,000 had about as many of that year's 1.4 million abortions as white women from households with incomes below $15,000.

"Highly educated people are less likely to have 'unintended pregnancies,' " says Stanley Henshaw from the Alan Guttmacher Institute, "but they are also less tolerant of them."

Race: 46%. i.e. fewer than one half of women having abortions are white; they are 74% of the population.

Black women have 29% of the abortions; they are 12% of the population

Hispanic women account for 20% of the abortion total; they are 11% of the population.

Religion: 54% of American women identify themselves as Protestant; they had 37% of the abortions

31% of American women are Catholic; they had 31% of the abortions

6% held no professed religion; they had 24% of the abortion total.

Peter Brimelow; Forbes, 10/18/99


Abortion in United States

  • 1,500,000 every year*
  • 4,100 every day
  • 1 every 20 seconds
  • 1 in 3 pregnancies end in abortion
  • 25 years since Roe v. Wade ('73)
  • 28,000,000 1973-1992*
  • 36,500,000 estimate through 1998
  • 258,245,000 US population ('93)
  • 36,500,000 is 14.1% of the current US population - our youth

* Source: Alan Guttmacher Institute of Planned Parenthood

Abortion in New York

150,000 each year *
4l0 every day
25 years since Roe V. Wade ('73)
3,750,000 estimated abortions 1973-1997

Abortion in Monroe County

3,200 each year*
8.7 every day
80,000 estimated abortions 1973-1997
90% in "clinics"

*Source: NYS Department of Health



Where there is no life, there is no choice.

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