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"Abortion poisons the whole society. Once you treat human life in the womb as if it were garbage, all human life becomes degraded. It is no coincidence that euthanasia follows on the heels of abortion." (Charley Reese, syndicated columnist)

"If we do not demand unconditional respect for the inherent DIGNITY of EVERY human life, we undermine the foundation of democracy and grant the state authority over humanity that is nothing less than tyranical.  The state exists for humanity, not humanity for the state."
(This has been attributed to a Texas legislator, but no information about who.   Please tell me if you know!)


Life is the right of every child,
    not a special privilege
         the fortunate,
            the planned
               and the perfect.


"The Natural Choice is Life"


Physician, Dr. R.A. Gallop:

Once you permit the killing of the unborn child, there will be no stopping. There will be no age limit. You are setting off a chain reaction that will eventually make you the victim. Your children will kill you because you permitted the killing of their brothers and sisters. Your children will not want to support you in your old age. Your children will kill you for your homes and estates. If a doctor will take money for killing the innocent in the womb, he will kill you with a needle when paid by your children. This is the terrible nightmare you are creating for the future.  

 (as quoted in Waddey, 1978, p. 6).


Waddey, John (1978), Euthanasia: “Good Death” or Selective Killing? (Fort Worth, TX: Pro Family Forum).


Elimination of the weak is ultimately the elimination of human rights.
Doctors for Life,  March, 2001


Winners never quit
Quitters never win


Down The Slippery Slope

1st Trimester Abortion
    2nd Trimester Abortion
        3d Trimester Abortion
            Partial Birth Abortion
                Physician Assisted Suicide
                    Passive Euthanasia
                        Active Euthanasia

When we devalue life at any stage …
we weaken the value of life at all other stages..

        especially the adjoining stage.



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There is nothing as fundamental
to America as the Right to Life.
All other issues flow from this.



"They yawn, suck their thumbs, get hiccups,
...and yet some insist they aren't alive."

Three times in modern history
the word "person"
has been redefined.

1857   The U.S. Supreme Court declares that black people are not legal persons; that they are the property of their owners, who can buy, sell, torture and kill them at will.

Blacks "had no rights which the white man was bound to respect; and that the Negro might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit."   (Chief Justice Roger Tancy in Dred Scott V. Sanford, 7-2 decision)

1936   The German Supreme Court, the Reichsgericht, refuses to recognize Jews living in Germany as persons in the legal sense. Genocide is legal.   (Ernst Fraenkel, "The Dual State, " Oxford University Press, 1941, p95)

1973   U.S. Supreme Court rules that the unborn are not persons in the legal sense; they have no civil or human rights; they are the property of the mother, who can choose to kill them up to the day of delivery. Abortion-on-demand is legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

"The word 'person,' as used in the Fourteenth Amendment, does not include the unborn." (Justice Harry Blackmun in Roe V. Wade, 7-2 decision)

Abortion in United States
  • 1,500,000 every year*
  • 4,100 every day
  • 1 every 20 seconds
  • 1 in 3 pregnancies end in abortion
  • 25 years since Roe v. Wade ('73)
  • 28,000,000 1973-1992*
  • 36,500,000 estimate through 1998
  • 258,245,000 US population ('93)
  • 36,500,000 is 14.1% of the current US population - our youth

    * Source: Alan Guttmacher Institute of Planned Parenthood

Abortion in New York

· 150,000 each year *
· 4l0 every day
· 25 years since Roe V. Wade ('73)
· 3,750,000 estimated abortions 1973-1997


Abortion in Monroe County

· 3,200 each year*
· 8.7 every day
· 80,000 estimated abortions 1973-1997
· 90% in "clinics"

*Source: NYS Department of Health

Where there is no life, there is no choice.

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