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 Abortion changes in Russia        March 2015
World Health Organization: cheaper vs. safer      March 2015
Palliative care concerns in Canada      March 2015
Duck Dynasty and cleft palate          November 2014
Remember Savita in Ireland?
          November 2014
More India data on abortion and breast cancer          November 2014
Obamacare: Federally subsidized abortion          November 2014
Personhood needs state laws            November 2014
Nelson Mandela vehemently pro-choice              February 2014
Abortions over 56 million since Roe v. Wade                February 2014
British doctors told to identify one percent as frailest         October  2012

“Palliative care” expansion - not just for the terminally ill        October  2012
Placental cells and maternal heart healing           March 2012
Planned Parenthood targets your kids             March 2012
The power of public opinion: Payne County Bank     April 2011
KIDS - Keep Infants with Down Syndrome    April 2011

Local Food for Thought:
  Walter Toot on bonds.  November 2010
Father Marcellus  "Calling Evil Good"  December 2010

The Butterfly Circus  -  Impactful endorsement of the value of human life.  Watch this video!  December 2010
 40 Days for Life, 2010, in Rochester, NY 
 August 2010

No Less Human defends disabled against euthanasia - it threatens us all  August 2010
Pro-Life CongressmanChris Smith Tells U.N. Abortion Will Harm, Not Help, Millennium Goals August 2010

Abby Johnson -  From Planned Parenthood to Pro-Life  January 2010

Attention: Genesee Community College students   Reference list.   November 2009
Getting Real - A Saline Abortion in Rochester  September 2009
Infant mortality:  Is it really so bad in the U.S.?  September 2009
Maternal-Fetal Medicine - a different specialty  September 2009

"Those of us who support legal protection for the unborn are dismissed as idealists..."   September 2009

Flashpoint!  A Woman's Right to Choose     February 2009
     Please read the excerpts and follow the link to the whole story.  It will make your day.

License Plate Success Stories   February 2009
Pro-Lifers in Obamaland   February 2009
UNICEF Report Ignores Child Survival      February 2009
Christmas Irony 2009       February 2009
Pro-Life Community TV in Rochester       February 2009
“Pollywood” and “Gloria Stories”, two subtle pro-life views         December 2008
Sex education, birth control, and abortion for children in England - Parents are powerless             December 2008
Insight into Russian population problems        December 2008
When Does Human Life Begin?  (Don't miss this one!)     December 2008

I'm Motivated to Vote  October 2008
American Cancer Society's accuracy on the abortion/breast cancer link  October 2008
Why do we bother to keep our language accurate?  October 2008
New Study Says Fertility Decline Could Cause Global Security Crisis      August 2008
Study: Previous Abortions Linked With Pre-Term Birth and Cerebral Palsy     January 2008
International Medical Conference Exposes Serious Consequences of Abortion    January 2008
An Abortionist’s Nightmare    January 2008
Ten Reasons Why the Pro-life Movement is Winning    January 2008
Happy Birthday, C-FAM!    January 2008
Politicians still wrong on Terri's case   July, 2007
Pelosi asked to oppose egg donation   July, 2007
Pavone on abortion: Absolutely No Exceptions   July, 2007
Pro-Life discussed in politics   July, 2007
Babies with no soul buried alive   July, 2007
Do women choose abortion?  And other issues 
Paying Women for Their Eggs in England 
Applause from hell 
UN Committee (CEDAW) Denies That It Calls for Abortion 
The Unborn Child Needs a New 'Hallmark Holiday'  
Are all pro-lifers conservative?  Check this out 

The Young Battle for Life - Putting 34 years of Roe in historical perspective.  Cause for hope!  
Dignitas – like a backstreet abortionist's???
Woman Suffers Painful Death at Zurich Suicide Facility
UN Data Show Banning Abortion Doesn't Increase Maternal Mortality
People change their minds - a disadvantage of advance directives

Abortion a Catholic Issue?  Says who?
The One-Ended Stick  -  If the far right doesn't want abortion at all, then what does the far left want?  And why are they called the middle of the road?
Pro-life in Israel  -  A rocky road
“Dear Abby” says you should have a living will  But watch out!    April 15, 2005
Where are the feminists to speak up for Terri?    April 15, 2005
UN General Assembly Calls on Nations to Ban All Forms of Human Cloning     March  2005
Scientists and Ethicists Gathered at Rome Conference Applaud UN Cloning Decision    March  2005
Adult stem cells used in repairing hearts of 15 patients    Feb 2005
Premature baby - "dead" in Holland, alive in Australia
    Feb 2005
Gentle thoughts in poetry    Feb 2005
Tsunami – Triumphant Life and Imposed Death     Feb 2005
UNFPA Elusive About Abortion Aid for Tsunami Victims    Feb 2005
Stem Cell Treatments Improve Incontinence    Feb 2005
It makes you think ...”  -  A progress report on the RARTL ad campaign    Feb 2005
Stem Cell Success in Parkinsons  -  Dennis Turner      Oct 15, 2004
Why you don’t want to get your medical advice from an actor:
Cut through the stem cell hype with some facts!
     Oct 15, 2004
Abortion is just a Catholic issue, right? - Nope        Oct  2004
Abortion Lobby Uses AIDS to Extend "Reproductive Rights"        Oct  2004
UK abortion and STD up in spite of “prevention”         May  2004
Pope John Paul II address to health care providers on nutrition/hydration for ill/aged         May  2004
FDA Approval of Morning-After Pill Based on Inconclusive Data, Charges Group         May  2004
"Morning after" pill still restricted to prescription         May  2004
Tracking Court Challenges to The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban fascinating transcripts        May  2004
March for Life 2004 Reporting Shows Media Bias in Rochester, NY      March 2004
International Day of the Unborn Child - including local event       March 2004
Family Fights Personal Battle against Partial-Birth Abortion - their handicapped child deserved life      January 2004
Abortion-Breast Cancer Link - Politics more important than fact      January 2004
Population sliding in UK      January 2004
Terri Schiavo Update       January 2004
Terri Schiavo not PVS  November, 2003
Grow Your Own Heart Valve  November, 2003
A NIGHT FOR LIFE!   October 21, 2003
Adult Stem Cells Reduce Damage after Heart Attack   October, 2003
Abortion: A Woman’s Right or Right for Women?   Georgette Forney's opinion   July 2003
Not Just Mothers Who Suffer    July, 2003
Money Pushes Embryonic Stem Cell Use    April, 2003
Bush Administration Report Shows Forced Abortions in China, North Korea  updated 4/15/2003
Dutch Doctors: Too much trouble to report euthanasia  updated 4/15/2003
The Bishop and the Atheist agree on abortion  updated 4/15/2003
House Says No to Cloning Human Embryos   updated 3/1/2003
Save a life! Donate your baby’s cord blood after delivery   updated 3/1/2003
Suicide Death Kits to be "Made in USA"  updated 3/1/2003
Abortion and Domestic Violence Link Raised in British Medical Journal  updated 3/1/2003
Japan’s Women Delay Marriage     updated 1/4/2003
Choice on Earth - the Planned Parenthood Christmas Card     updated 1/4/2003
Child will die after birth - why wait?     updated 1/4/2003
National Cancer Institute's website biased on breast cancer?     updated 1/4/2003
National Physicians Center Acknowledges Abortion-Breast Cancer Link      updated 1/4/2003

       (Past Featured Articles)

"If there are two paths that can lead us to the cures for chronic diseases that we all want but one requires the destruction of human life, doesn’t it seem reasonable to throw our finances and energies into the one that doesn’t?"  Dr. David Stevens


"If we do not demand unconditional respect for the inherent DIGNITY of EVERY human life, we undermine the foundation of democracy and grant the state authority over humanity that is nothing less than tyranical.  The state exists for humanity, not humanity for the state."
A quote reputedly from a Texas legislator.  If anybody knows who, please tell me.



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